Masterplanning Malam Jabba ski resort, Pakistan

Malam Jabba das einzige Skigebiet Pakistans

Apart from lifts that serve the military for training, Malam Jabba is the only ski resort of Pakistan. It is located above the Swat Valley, which fell to the Taliban in 2006. Shortly thereafter, the chair lift, the hotel and other infrastructure were destroyed by the Taliban. After the Pakistani army had recaptured the valley, the reconstruction of the resort was announced. The contract was awarded a Pakistani conglomerate. In its order Christoph Schrahe traveled to the Hindukush mountains by April 2015. He inspected the possibilities for the construction of ski slopes and other attractions. These shall transfer Malam Jabba into a year-round destination for holidaymakers and day trippers. On site, he designed a first master plan which shows how the potential of the terrain can be optimally used. Although there is currently hardly any infrastructure in Malam Jabba - a temporary chair lift, driven by an old car engine, leads halfway up the old ski slope - on some weekends thousands of people take the way across the adventurous access road. Very few visitors can actually ski, but if only the snow exerts a tremendous fascination here. From the top station of the planned chairlift the Nanga Parbat will be seen on a clear day.

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