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Preliminary Masterplan Ayubia Hill Station (Pakistan)

Client: Samsons Group of Companies
Year: 2020/21

This is already the third Pakistani mountain destination that Montenius Consult is involved in developing together with Samsons Group of Companies. After the reconstruction of the ski station Malam Jabba, which was destroyed by the Taliban, and the cable car project to Lake Saif-ul-Maluk near Naran, Montenius Consult is now working on the development of the extremely popular Hill Station Ayubia. It is located in the national park of the same name and has a double chairlift as its main attraction. This is in urgent need of renewal. During the course of a replacement, the high-altitude resort as a whole is to be further developed as a tourist destination.

For this purpose, Montenius Consult is drawing up a development concept as part of the tendering process of the Galyat Development Authority. This concept will be part of the Samsons Group of Companies' bid for the project to modernize the tourist destination, which is just over 70 km from Islamabad.

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