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Slope capacity analysis Fichtelberg Ski Resort

Client: Fichtelberg Schwebebahn Kurort Oberwiesenthal FSB GmbH
Year: 2020

The Fichtelberg ski area in the spa town of Oberwiesenthal is the most traditional and most visited ski area in Saxony. To boost the further development of the ski area, Fichtelberg Schwebebahn Kurort Oberwiesenthal FSB GmbH is planning to replace the existing Himmelsleiter T-bar lift with a detachable six-seater chairlift. In addition, extensions to slopes 9 and 10 served by this lift are planned.

During the approval process, the question arose as to whether the capacity of the two slopes would be sufficient for the planned high transport capacity, i.e. whether safe skiing operations would still be possible. In addition to the question of safety, the quality of the skiing experience for the guest is another issue. This can suffer on a piste that is still safe, but which may already be subjectively perceived as too crowded.

To answer these questions, Montenius Consult was commissioned to conduct a slope capacity analysis. For this purpose, the average width as well as the slope inclination of the two slopes were determined section by section by means of geodata and the use of geographic information systems. Based on these data and different methodological approaches, the maximum throughput and the slope capacity could be calculated.

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